Marketing & Selling Options

Ian Sharp & Andrew Mills


The majority of our wool is sold through the regular auctions held at Yennora with our offices and showfloor just metres from the sale rooms.        

We believe the auction offers the quickest, most transparent method of selling wool to maximise prices for growers. Backed by our experienced team of wool appraisers and auctioneers we can ensure your wool is sold to it’s best advantage.

Your wool clip will be tested within days of receival and test results will follow by email or fax within days of testing. Your nominated wool advisor will contact you prior to sale to discuss the marketing of your clip and set sale instructions accordingly.

Your one and two bale lines of non-fleece oddments will be interlotted (matched with similar bales to make larger lots) and also sold at auction. This allows buyers to bid to their maximum limits and allows you to share the cost of wool testing.


Our NSW technical manager, Ian Sharp, (based at Yennora Wool centre), types every sample to ensure everything is the way it should be. Our highly experienced team of auctioneers and valuers ensure that accurate valuations are given to every wool clip, fighting to get the best price possible at auction day. Our show floor is centrally located within the Yennora Wool Centre. Our excellent relationship with buyers ensures our company gains the maximum competition on your wool to get you the best price.



Private Purchase & Bulk Class

The rehandle facilities here at Macdonald & Co Woolbrokers have over 80 bins catering for all wool types allowing all bulk class wools to achieve the best price possible making our company the most competitive when selling through private purchase. We take pride in the professionalism and a truly personalised service which we offer to all clients here at Macdonald & Co Woolbrokers. We guarantee your wool is in safe hands.  

Our rehandle caters for all types of wools, from superfine merino to Border Leicester to exotic type wools (which are isolated so they don’t effect our medulation free lines). With a registered classing house and experienced staff who are registered wool classers, all wool that comes to the rehandle is classed appropriately, and the best price is paid. There are two ways to deal with Bulk Class wools:

         1)    When mainline is lotted, bulk class is also lotted. It is then worked into the bins the same week as the auction wool and paid out at the same time as the main sale account. The advantage of this is that we have a test result to work off when binning bulk class wool.

         2)    Private purchase wool we can buy the day it comes in, with no handling charges. We usually appraise the wool and pay that day by either cheque or direct deposit.


Wool Trade

Who Is Wooltrade?

Wooltrade Australia Pty Ltd is an independent organisation with a commercial focus in the trade of Australian wool. The Wooltrade system is an internet-based wool selling system that was launched in 2002. They also operate the successful livestock selling system Auctions Plus.

Woolbrokers in every state of Australia are using Wooltrade giving buyers access to more than 500,000 bales per annum. Wooltrade has 56 registered buying companies and has sold 50,000 bales in the first 18 months of operation.

What is Wooltrade?

The Wooltrade selling system is an internet-based system trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wooltrade provides woolgrowers with an alternative marketing system for their wool that is complimentary to the traditional auction system. The very nature of the Wooltrade system has opened up the Australian wool market across all states allowing buyers to purchase wool nationally rather than just regionally.

Wooltrade is based on computer technology, but it is also a managed system providing personal support to assist users. The technology used by Wooltrade enables ease of access for buyers who are able to cost-effectively and efficiently buy wool and secure future supply.

What are the benefits of Wooltrade?

  • Growers' wool has exposure to national and international buyers providing for increased competition for the wool on offer.
  • With wool on Wooltrade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, growers have immediate access to any rises in the market. There is no time lag for making wool available for sale through Wooltrade.
  • Simple, user-friendly selling and buying system with personal support.
  • Buyers can log on any time to buy wool through either consignment or individual lots.
  • The national spread of wool available is attractive to buyers.


Forward Selling

We specialise in forward selling as an alternative for all or part of your clip. Macdonald & Co are able to manage risks in the wool business effectively. Correct information combined with extensive knowledge in risk management solutions help protect our customers’ margins and reduce their exposure to risk.

Forward selling allows you to market your wool clip up to 12 months in advance. This risk management solution allows the producer to sell their wool through the auction system with fair premiums and discounts determined by the trade while reducing risk. This not only offers price security to our growers but also allows volume forward sales to our export customers.

For more details on forward selling contact our office.